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Meet Sofia Moussan: Executive Director for Movin' On 2024

Updated: Feb 26

Sofia Moussan serves as the Executive Director of Penn State's Movin’ On 2024 festival, having previously held the same position for the 2023 festival. She is a senior pursuing a major in public relations with a minor in recreational parks and tourism management and a certification in meetings and event management.

Her involvement with Movin’ On began during her freshman year when she joined the Promo team, transitioning to the role of Director of Operations her sophomore year. Moussan's most cherished memory from the festival is the performance by Fitz and the Tantrums at the 2022 event.

“They brought a contagious and happy energy to the crowd right at sunset making it a perfect start to the event," Moussan said. "Everybody knew their songs and there was a moment when I was dancing with my team and realized I wanted to do this forever.”

As the Executive Director, Moussan underscores the significance of qualities such as “passion, adaptability, and adept team management.” Drawing from her extensive experience, she emphasizes the importance of remaining flexible in the face of challenges and strives to provide reliable leadership for her team.

Beyond the logistical intricacies of event planning, Moussan said that the best aspect of her journey with Movin' On is the people it brought into her life.

"Since my freshman year, each team I've been part of has not only gifted me with lifelong friendships but also propelled me toward personal growth and learning," Moussan said. "I found my forever mentor in Nick Pazdziorko, our advisor. Alongside numerous other adults, we collaborate with, Nick and the team have invested countless hours in teaching me the intricacies of event organization and imparting invaluable life lessons. Our alumni network has also proven to be immensely rewarding, connecting me with like-minded individuals who are eager to support our team's endeavors both during and after college.”

Reflecting on her tenure with Movin’ On, Moussan stresses the importance of fostering connections and relationships within the music industry.

"Movin’ On showcased that success isn't solely about individual achievements but about nurturing and leveraging connections," Moussan said.

Overall, Moussan's time with Movin’ On has been marked by exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections within the festival community. Her contributions have left an invaluable mark on the event's legacy, and her passion for event management ensures that her influence will endure beyond her time with Movin’ On.

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