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Bridie Lawall Named Executive Director for Movin' On 2025

Following Sofia Moussan’s two-year run as Movin’ On’s Executive Director, Bridie Lawall will become Executive Director for Movin' On 2025.

A high school-aged Lawall was first introduced to Movin’ On by her older brother who was a part of the organization during his time at Penn State, and like brother-like-sister, Lawall made sure to get involved with Movin’ On once she arrived on Penn State’s campus.

“After attending the Fall Show ‘Lights Up’ and the first general interest meeting, I applied to be on the CORE team,” Lawall said. “From there, I spent my first year filling the local sponsorship coordinator role and solidified my passion for the organization.”

Majoring in geography and minoring in recreation parks and tourism management, the Bucks County native currently serves as the Director of Operations for two consecutive terms for Movin' On 2023 and 2024.

“In the Director of Operations position, my biggest accomplishments include the establishment of our sustainability team, day of show sustainability initiatives, and hand-printed lineup tote bags from the 2023 festival,” Lawall said. 

Additionally, Lawall worked with Penn State Sustainability Institute’s Sustainability Coordinator, Doug Goodstein, to ensure responsible waste management during the festival.

“We would go through every piece of trash left on the field after the festival to make sure we could properly recycle all of the waste left behind,” Lawall said. “Our team of about 10 students hand-picked through about 300 pounds of trash in 45 minutes and saved 101.24 of missorted waste, which would have ended up making our bags unrecyclable.”

When Lawall was named the Executive Director of Movin’ On 2025, she found it difficult to put into words the pride and gratitude she has for the organization.

“If you know me, you will know that Movin’ On has become synonymous with my college experience," Lawall said. "I am so honored to hold the position and responsibility of instilling that same passion for the organization that I have had since my first year on to others."

With Movin’ On’s 50th anniversary approaching next year, Lawall looks forward to commemorating the event and capping out her Penn State career with the biggest and best anniversary festival ever.

As Executive Director, Lawall hopes to continue developing Movin’ On’s professional development and strengthen the organization’s alumni network.

“At its root, Movin’ On is a celebration for its student body by its student body,” Lawall said. “I want to create new ways of honoring the talent which we have at our university throughout the year.”

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