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Meet Kelly Mischler: Senior Director for Movin' On 2024

Kelly Mischler is the Senior Director for Movin’ On 2024. As a senior majoring in nursing and minoring in human development and family studies at Penn State, she has been involved with Movin’ On throughout all four years.

As the Senior Director, Mischler handles payments and financials while working with Sofia Moussan, Movin' On 2024 Executive Director, to make Movin’ On’s budget requests to the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC).

Mischler also ensures all Movin' On members know each other well before the festival. Furthermore, She plans alumni panels, the alumni newsletter, and alumni activities at the festival. 

Mischler first learned about Movin’ On through her sisters who were also involved in Movin' On all four years at Penn State. Mischler started as a PROMO team member her freshman year, taking on the role of a band represenative for Battle. During her sophomore year, she was the ARHS liaison, and during her junior year, she volunteered to work at the festival for load in and out, even though she was away at the Hershey campus for nursing.

Through Movin’ On, Mischler has learned how to adapt to difficult or overwhelming situations. Although the festival needs to be planned extensively, original plans may need to change quickly with new solutions being brainstormed and implemented on the fly.

Mischler's favorite thing about Movin' On is the people she has met through the organation and the relationships she has built along the way.

“Everyone truly is amazing and you can tell that we are all working together for the love of music,” Mischler said.

One of her favorite memories was from after the 2022 festival when everyone involved with Movin’ On was picking up the trash left on the IM fields after the show. She reflects warmly on the conversations and bonding that she experienced through that day.

“It was just an awesome moment to see how even though picking up trash is not the most glorious part of the day, everyone was just so happy and proud of themselves after seeing a year's worth of hard work come to life,” Mischler said.

Mischler also said she looks forward to the 2024 festival.

“Movin On will forever have a special place in my heart," Mischler said. "I have been so honored to be a part of it!! Keep on rocking!!”

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