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Taylor Swift's Best Artist Collaborations

Taylor Swift has created hundreds of hit songs, collaborated with various artists, made incredible music with them all. A staple in her career is the seamless co-creations with fellow musicians, resulting in some of her best collaborative tracks.

“Exile” with Bon Iver

This song was released on Swift's “Folklore” album in 2020. It gives insight into a failed relationship surrounded by loss and regret. Iver’s voice combined with Swift’s voice creates an incredibly beautiful duet that discusses heartbreak and sadness. Although this song is filled with sadness, I think it is relatable to the masses and makes for a perfect heartbreak anthem.

A great example of the emotions this song evokes is in a televison show called "You." This song is used to demonstrate Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg turning on each other while the audience is learning their relationship is doomed.

Overall, this collaboration is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. In my opinion, it is one of the best of her collaborations with other artists because of its unique sound and incredible lyrics.

“Everything Has Changed” with Ed Sheeran

This track was released on Swift's “Red” album in 2013 and re-released on her “Taylor’s Version Red” album in 2021. Compared to "Exile," this song is much lighter, upbeat, and happy. Sheeran and Swift have similar vocal sounds and their voices mesh beautifully in this track.

"Everything Has Changed" discusses the idea of love at first sight with its hopeful melody and its lovestruck lyrics. It is also about a girl who cannot get the idea of a guy she just met out of her head.

As one of Swift's finest collaborations, this buoyant and cheerful love song is one of the best collaborations Swift has done that highlights the innocence of love.

“The Last Time” with Gary Lightbody

This track was also released on Swift's “Red” album, and it is another heartbreak anthem. The chemistry and emotion between Swift and Lightbody, the lead singer and guitarist from the alternative rock band Snow Patrol, is very apparent in this song.

The combination of Swift's genius writing and moving vocals with Lightbody is stunning in. Swift’s phenomenal storytelling also makes this ballad extremely captivating and emotional.

This song resonates with listeners by discussing profound emotions. The piano and guitar instrumentation are beautiful and complement the song very well.

Overall, these three songs are some of Swift’s best collaborative work and are wonderful reflections of her talent and ability to work with other artists flawlessly. They also showcase her remarkable versatility and creativity by blending her signature musical style with diverse musical influences.

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