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Movin' On 2024 Lineup

An enthusiastic crowd of music lovers gathered in anticipation of the Movin’ On 2024 lineup release on Friday, March 29 at noon. The sea of pink, blue, and black shirts waited with bated breath as the release video began. The response? A roaring round of applause and cheers.

Movin’ On is Penn State’s free, student-run music festival held annually at the IM fields on the last day of academic classes. This year, Movin’ On will be held on April 26 with a lineup of Dayglow, Sexyy Red, Freddie Gibbs, The 502s, sponsored by the Student Programming Association (SPA), and the Battle winner. 


Ending off the night at Movin’ On 2024 will be Dayglow. Dayglow was originally founded as a solo project by artist Sloan Struble. However, Dayglow quickly evolved into a full-fledged band and released their debut album, “Fuzzybrain,” in September 2018. The album, especially their hit song “Can I Call You Tonight?” propelled the band into the indie music scene and solidified their status as rising stars.

Three years later, Dayglow returned with their sophomore album, “Harmony House.” The album explores themes of social media and the quest for fulfillment. Songs like “Close to You” and “Something” were breakouts from the album and quickly captivated audiences.

In 2022, Dayglow announced their third studio album, featuring singles like “Then it All Goes Away” and “Deep End.” Dayglow brings a vibrant blend of alternative and indie pop to Movin’ On and will be sure to get the audience excited with their upbeat and groovy style. 

Sexyy Red

Returning to State College after her Beaver Stadium appearance is Sexyy Red who will take the Movin’ On stage just in time for sunset. Like Dayglow, Sexyy Red burst into the music scene in 2018 with her debut single “Ah Thousand Jugs.” However, it was her 2021 debut mixtape, “Ghetto Superstar” that put her name on the map.

Throughout 2023, Sexyy Red collaborated with several artists on various tracks, including Nicki Minaj, SZA, and Drake. In January, Sexxy Red partnered with producer Tay Keith on “Pound Town,” which gained viral traction across various social media platforms. Her momentum only continued to build with her feature on NLE Choppa’s remix of “Slut Me Out” in April 2023.

The following month, Sexyy Red earned her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 for her collaboration with Nicki Minaj for “Pound Town 2.” In June 2023, Sexyy Red had us all screaming “SkeeYee” with her single of the same name. For the rest of the summer, Sexyy Red opened for Drake’s “It’s All a Blue Tour” where her career reached new heights. Most recently, she co-performed alongside SZA on the track “Rich Baby Daddy,” which highlighted her versatility as an artist.

Throughout her rise to stardom, Sexyy Red has received praise for her authenticity and infectious energy. She embodies a classic Southern rap style all while rejecting being pigeonholed into one specific genre. Her multifaceted artistry, straightforward lyrics, and relatable storytelling will have us all shouting “Skeeyee!” for days to come. 

Freddie Gibbs

Debuting at Movin’ On 2024 will be rapper Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs began his career in 2004 with self-released mixtapes like “Full Metal Jackit” before singing with Young Jeezy’s CTE World in 2011. Gibbs garnered recognition for his collaboration with Madlib on their 2014 critically acclaimed album “Piñata.”

As a solo artist, Gibbs continued to take risks with tracks like “Shadow of a Doubt” and “You Only Live 2wice.” In 2018, his collaboration with The Alchemist on “Alfredo” hurled Gibbs further into the spotlight, earning him a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

In 2020, Gibbs reached a new milestone in his career after signing with Warner Records where he released singles like “4 Thangs” and “Gang Signs.” Most recently, Gibbs released his fifth solo album entitled “Soul Sold Separately,” which further demonstrated his versatility and power in the rap scene. Gibbs is sure to liven up the crowd and have the whole audience jumping this April.

The 502s

The 502s, presented by SPA, is also slated for Movin' On 2024. The American Indie folk band got their start in Maitland, Florida by members Ed Isola, Matthew Tonner, Sean Froehlich, Joe Capati, Nick Melashenko, and Graci Phillips.

Named after the street address of Isola’s childhood home, the band features a range of eclectic instruments from the banjo to horns. Some of their hits include “Just A Little While” and “Magdalene.” Most recently, the band released “Perfect Portrait of Young Love” and “Something’s Gonna Go Our Way.”

In 2020, the band received TikTok popularity after their performance of “Magdalene” received over 225,000 likes. In 2021, The 502s stuck internet gold yet again after their song “Just A Little While” became a viral TikTok sound with 124,000 videos using the song.

Battle winner

Battle is a competition where Penn State performers compete for the opening slot at the festival. The winner of Battle will be announced after the event on April 9. As they open Movin' On 2024, they will be sure to kick off with a bang and leave the audience wanting more.

With a well-crafted mix of indie, pop, and rock, the Movin’ On 2024 lineup has a genre and song for everyone. As we count down the days until we are all back on the IM fields jamming together, make sure to listen to these artists using the Spotify playlist before. So, start making your Movin’ On plans now because we jam in 28 days!

Want to get to know the acts before the big day? Listen to the official Movin' On 2024 playlist on SPOTIFY.

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