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Meet Roman Bahadursingh: UPUA Liason for Movin' On 2024

Roman Bahadursingh, a junior majoring in finance and economics, serves as the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) Liaison for Movin’ On 2024.

As the UPUA Liaison, Bahadursingh coordinates the collaboration between Penn State’s student government and Movin’ On. Additionally, Bahadursingh passes legislation to fund the festival’s safety.

While this is Bahadursingh’s first official year as a member of Movin’ On, he is no stranger to its annual music festival.

“I remembered as a freshman how exciting Movin’ On was to me,” Bahadursingh said. “I remember not expecting anything to happen that day, but suddenly my friends in East [Halls] grabbed me and told me there was a festival on the IM fields.”

It was that moment when Bahadursingh knew he was hooked and wanted to get involved with Movin’ On himself.

“It was such an incredible night and I want to recreate that moment for other students,” Bahadursingh said.

Outside of Movin’ On, Bahadursingh holds leadership positions in UPUA, the Association of Residence Hall Students, the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments, Sovereign Magazine, the International Student Council, the Global Engagement Community, the Student Legal Services Advisory Board, and Club Squash. 

After graduating in spring 2025, Bahadursingh said he plans on attending law school where he intends to study corporate law.

“I am very interested in politics these days and currently serve in the State College Borough on the CDBG Commission and might be leaning into that with my long-term career aspirations,” Bahadursingh said. 

Overall, Bahadursingh’s journey through and beyond Penn State intertwines with his dedication to enhancing the student experience through music, community, and politics.

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