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Battle 2023 Lineup

It’s time for Battle! We know everyone is ready and waiting to hear the amazing lineup of artists that will be performing.

The winner of Battle will open at Movin’ On 2023, which is on April 28. Battle will take place Tuesday, April 4 at Alumni Hall. Doors open at 5:00 and the music starts at 6:00!

Obviously, the most important part of Battle is the performers. We have five amazing acts coming out to perform!

Forrester Grey

Forrester Grey is a singer-songwriter with an authentic sound blending the genres of folk, midwest-emo, and alt-country. He draws a lot of inspiration from Wilco, Pinegrove, Backseat Lovers, and Slaughter Beach Dog. Forrester Grey’s music explores themes of heartbreak, mental health, and personal growth. His debut EP, “Of Gardens and Grassroots” is set to release by mid-April. Since the start of the Spring 2023 semester, Forrester Grey has evolved into a collaborative group with several other talented musicians featured on the EP. Perfomers include Elisabeth Ochoa on the drums, Chase Gleason playing the bass, and Brendan Locke as the lead guitar and trumpet.

Mellow Honey

Mellow Honey is a trio that is prepared to help everyone tune out the dreary noise of the “fluorine-powered mind campaign.” Their composition of acoustic propagation will carry the audience into a “contemplative realm” exploring the very fibers that hold together the reality of being. They invite everyone to join in their exposition of human nature, the endless cycle of the work routine, and the modern-day emotional anesthesia.


Alavarius is a 5 piece multi-genre rock band with roots in psychedelia, blues, and prog music. Alvarius was formed to participate in the DIY music scene that its members enjoy so much. With each member having vastly different music tastes, Alvarius’s sound is like no other. If you could combine the influences of Janis Joplin, Radiohead, Tool, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, you might end up with a sound similar to that of Alvarius.

Sunday Antiques

Sunday Antiques consists of two brothers and State College natives, Harry and Xavier Hons, as well as two longtime friends from Bellfonte, Hunter Bowser and Mason Keeler. Harry is the primary singer/songwriter and rhythm guitar player, Xavier is the drummer, Hunter is the lead guitar player and Mason is the bassist. Their music is an amalgamation of many different genres including 60s-70s soul/funk, jazz, punk, and hip hop. All of this adds up to highly expressive vocals and introspective lyrics presented over exciting drumming and catchy guitar lines. Sunday Antiques has a unique take on emo rock and indie that does not exactly fit with a specific guideline. However, the energy and heart-felt emotion lead the music to robust and variable tone and melody.

Queen of Peace

Queen of Peace is a pop/alternative rock group formed in 2022 by guitarist Bridget Gindhart and vocalist Bernadette Bratina, both of whom were Music Majors at Penn State. After performing for campus events like Guard the Lion Shrine in 2019, they started Queen of Peace with the goal of sharing their music and the music of female artists that have inspired them like Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, and Florence and the Machine. Bassist Alex Mijangos and drummer David Weaver joined in 2023 to play for THON - since then the band has been creating original music and has been featured in The Daily Collegian for their "all-black outfits", "sparkly boots", and "free-spirited energy and passion."

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