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A Guide To Get You Through The Quarantine Blues


Reminiscing on March, when we thought quarantine would only be until the end of the month… Now we’re going on almost a year strong, and finding any way to get through these times. For the nights you would’ve been crying in the Gaff bathroom, the day’s you would’ve been in a frat basement, and every mood in between, we have the perfect Quarantine Blues guide for you.

Spotify: “pov: ur in a frat basement”

It’s a Saturday morning, the Blue Band is marching through freshman halls, tailgates started at 8 am, Penn State White Out is only 6 hours away. Connect to your speaker and shuffle this 14 hour long playlist to bring you back to the good days. Starting with “All Night Longer” and ending with “WAP”, you’ll basically teleport to your favorite Game Day tailgates. Close your eyes, get your dancing shoes on, and you’ll be right back in Beaver Stadium.

Spotify: “sad music for depressing hours :/”

Now it’s Sunday night. You have three discussion posts due, two essay’s, and spent yesterday in a false dream of reality. COVID numbers are increasing, and our chances of normal life are seemingly more far away than ever. Turn on your LED lights, grab some tissues, maybe some boxed wine, because this playlist will surely bring you to tears.

Spotify: “imagine: singing in the shower as if performing ur headline tour”

As we take on another dreadful day of quarantine, it’s only right to perform as if you are next to the headline artist at Movin’ On. And there’s truly no better place than in the shower, because we always seem to sound better in there, right?

Apple Music: Indie Replay

The worst feeling is discovering a song you’ve never heard before, then replaying it a hundred times until you’re tired of it. This playlist is a must-listen, and is updated consistently so that you will never have that problem. Grab some (socially distanced) friends and enjoy some immaculate 2021 ~vibes~. You might even enjoy a nice conversation about something other than COVID!

Apple Music: R&B Replay

This may be biased, but any playlist that begins with Summer Walker’s “Playing Games” is certified amazing. Add some spice with PND, Snoh Aalegra, dvsn, Anderson .Paak, and too many more to name. If you’re emotionally stable enough to play this from start to finish, you will feel just about every emotion in the book. Take a drive with the windows down and the serotonin will make you forget that COVID ever happened.

Through the ups and downs of this (never ending) quarantine, we can always trust music to bring us normalcy and sanity. The only thing that is right next to us as we laugh, cry, simp, and/or celebrate through the pandemic. So put on your dancing shoes with these Movin’ On certified playlists, and pretend we never experienced the year 2020. The ending is *hopefully* in sight!!

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