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Meet Trevor McLeigh: SPA Liason for Movin' On 2024

Many people in different areas of expertise are involved in making Movin’ On possible, including Trevor McLeigh, the Student Programming Association (SPA) Liaison to Movin’ On. McLeigh is currently a junior majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in energy engineering.

SPA is a university affiliate organization with the main goal of providing a diverse range of events to the student body and community, while also providing programming assistance to other organizations on campus.

Navigating the intricate dynamics between SPA and Movin’ On, McLeigh's position involves facilitating collaborations, coordinating event logistics, and fostering inter-organizational relationships.

“I am responsible for coordinating any collaborations between the two organizations and coordinating the booking of the donated act and field activity for the festival,” McLeigh said. “I also get to participate in all artist discussions as a full member of the Movin’ On Executive Board.” 


Movin’ On 2024 will be the first one McLeigh has attended. However, after handling the bookings for SPA’s donated act, he said he “has a feeling” that act will be his favorite “just because of the personal effort that went into it.”

He also said that the most rewarding aspect of his position so far is seeing how happy it makes the Penn State community, especially after he and his fellow Executive Board members put so much effort into planning it. 

Through his involvement with Movin' On, McLeigh has gained practical insights and skills that extend beyond the confines of his academic studies. He also said that these skills are shaping his approach to future career prospects, ideas, and opportunities within and outside of his field.

“No matter what career I end up going into, whether it’s engineering or event management, the skills I have developed from working with such a massive industry on an event for such a large crowd will always be useful,” McLeigh said.

Overall, McLeigh’s pivotal role as a liaison and dedication to each position in both SPA and Movin’ On showcases the importance of effective inter-organizational communication. Through his involvement, McLeigh has not only contributed to the success of Movin’ On but has also gained valuable skills with broad applicability to future career endeavors.

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