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Meet Nicole Oronzio: Director of Public Relations for Movin' On 2024

As a senior majoring in journalism with a minor in digital media trends and analytics, Nicole Oronzio brings a wealth of expertise and insight to her role as the Director of Public Relations for Movin' On.

She got involved with Movin' On when she applied for the public relations coordinator position during her sophomore year. She then became the Director of Public Relations for Movin' On 2023 during her junior year and has continued in that role since. 

“I can confidently say that being a part of the Executive Board has been an immensely rewarding experience,” Oronzio said. “Every moment spent contributing to Movin’ On has deepened my connection to the festival's mission and the Penn State community we serve.”

One of her standout moments from Movin' On 2023 was experiencing JID's performance at the end of the festival. 

“I was between the barricade and the stage alongside my fellow Executive Board members, and the atmosphere was so surreal. While the crowd was singing and dancing to JID’s music, the energy in the air was so vibrant,” Oronzio said. “It truly was an unforgettable experience. I felt so proud in that moment, knowing that I played a role in creating a lasting memory for our attendees.”

In her role as the Director of Public Relations for Movin’ On, she finds immense fulfillment in seeing the direct impact of the communication efforts on both the festival and the Penn State community. Oronzio said that creating press releases and social media content played a crucial role in the success of the event, and witnessing the positive feedback from the media, attendees, and the community has been deeply rewarding. 

Additionally, actively participating in the festival's load-in and load-out processes has provided her with a sense of satisfaction, from watching the transformation of the IM Fields to bonding with fellow team members. Reflecting on the conclusion of another Movin’ On, Oronzio expressed a bittersweet sentiment.

“It's undeniably sad to see the end of another Movin' On,” Oronzio said. “However, it's still rewarding because I know that we've successfully concluded yet another chapter of the festival's history.”

Oronzio also emphasized the plethora of valuable lessons and skills she has gained during her time in Movin’ On, extending beyond the scope of event management.

“One of the most important lessons I've learned from Movin' On is the importance of navigating the balance between taking initiative, being a team player, and assuming leadership responsibilities,” Oronzio said. “This journey has not only enhanced my leadership and collaboration skills, but it has also molded me into someone who can take initiative and recognize opportunities for growth.”

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