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Battle 2024 Lineup

On Tuesday, April 9, eight acts will take the stage for Battle presented by Movin' On in Schwab Auditorium. These Penn State student performers will compete for the opening slot at Movin' On 2024 on April 26 at the IM Fields. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and music starts at 6:30 p.m.

Now, let’s get to know the acts!


In a world full of dishonesty, Honess comes to take over the world with a very neurodivergent take on Rap and R&B. The name Honess is a play on the word Honest, which is a big part of this act’s brand. Honess cherishes memories like performing at "Lights Up" and aims to headline major stages like Coachella in the future. Excited about performing at Movin' On's Battle 2024, Honess looks forward to connecting with a larger audience. You can find him on Instagram at @IAMHONESS, and his EP "Calm Under Pressure" is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Just Say When

Just Say When, a band playing indie/alternative rock, draws influences from iconic acts like The Strokes and Car Seat Headrest. The band consists of Dylan Sarkozy (Class of 2027, Finance B.S.), Jordan Shames (Class of 2027, Psychology B.S.), Aadam Ameerally (Class of 2026, Marketing and Data Analytics B.S.), and Tyler Lahman (Class of 2026, Business Administration B.A.). Together since 2017, they bring their collective talents and passion for music to the stage.

Outrun Infinity 

Outrun Infinity is a four-piece rock group from Greenville, PA. They formed in 2020 and released their debut EP, "Make This Hell A Home," in 2023. The band is made up of vocalist Erin Brickle, bassist Josiah Soros, guitarist Emory Shrock, and drummer Joe Dickson. Some of their influences include My Chemical Romance, Green Day, The Pretty Reckless, and Paramore.


Swervo Staacks

Swervo is an 18-year-old music artist from Brooklyn NY who has already made waves in the hip-hop scene despite not having released any official projects. With an unmatched drive for success and a knack for crafting compelling narratives, they have amassed a dedicated following. Their raw talent and authentic storytelling reflect the gritty essence of Brooklyn's streets. Stay tuned as they continue to blaze their own trail in the world of hip-hop music.


Wes Meyer, a PSU College of Medicine student graduating in 2027, showcases his guitar skills in Anaphylaxis. Matthew D'Annolfo brings his entire personality to the bass guitar. Yang Yue serves as the band's vocalist and has a passion for discovering new music. Nick Munson, a graduate student and guitarist, is the creative force behind the band's name. Peter Doichinov, keeps the band's beats steady. Together, they form a diverse ensemble with unique talents and personalities.

Hot Fudge Yacht Club

Hot Fudge Yacht Club is a dynamic funk-jam band that emerged from the vibrant State College music scene, honing their craft in basements and backyards since 2023. Drawing inspiration from iconic groups like Phish, The Police, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band has been relentless in its pursuit of creating, recording, and performing original music. Comprised of Chase Gleason, Max Harris, and Alex Aumen, Hot Fudge Yacht Club brings a fresh blend of funk and jam vibes to audiences, promising electrifying performances and infectious grooves.

Golden Achumba

Golden Israel-Achumba, a senior, stumbled upon his hidden talent for singing during the pandemic. Inspired by the 90’s and 2000’s R&B, particularly Usher's "8701" album, Golden embarked on a musical journey driven by his passion for creating and sharing meaningful stories through song. With aspirations to reach the highest levels of success and inspire listeners with his authentic voice, Golden eagerly anticipates sharing his passion on a larger platform, accessible to all on social media as @BigDogGolden and through his new EP available on all streaming platforms, with more singles slated for release before the school year concludes.


Curbhead is a five-piece screamo band from State College, PA. It is comprised of Daniel Allgood and Kate Horn on guitar, Elijah Kibler on bass, Killian Horrigan on drums, and Ben Lilly on vocals. They have been playing shows for two months now and plan to release their debut single on 4/13, just a few days after they compete at Battle of the Bands. Taking inspiration from classic screamo and emoviolence bands such as Orchid and Old Gray, Curbhead evokes the same raw emotion as these bands within a more modern context.

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